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Free Call Blockers available for victims of nuisance calls

Posted : 19/09/2018

People who are being incessantly contacted by telephone criminals can now request a free call blocker from Victim Care and Advice Service (VCAS).

The support service has a number of devices they can lend out to vulnerable victims to monitor how many scam calls they receive.

Sylvia Turner from Norton received multiple calls from a man claiming to be from the Telephone Preference Service and demanding that she pay for an overdue subscription.

Luckily the 72-year-old immediately reported the calls to Action Fraud and she was contacted by VCAS, who provided her with a call blocker.

Her calls were monitored for a period of three months, with an average of seven criminal or scam calls blocked every week.

The device was removed in June and Sylvia now feels more confident answering the phone, after deciding to purchase her own call blocker.

Sylvia said: “Before I had the call blocker fitted, every time the phone rang I was worried about who would be on the other end.

“I felt so angry that these scammers were trying to take advantage of me and I was delighted when VCAS told me they could fit a call blocking device to stop them getting in touch.

“I now have so much more confidence, not only in answering the telephone, but in other aspects of my life – I am even considering volunteering for VCAS in my free time.”

Sylvia was visited by Police and Crime Commissioner Barry Coppinger, who funds VCAS, and Colleen Simms who supported Sylvia on behalf of VCAS.

Mr Coppinger said: “Visiting Sylvia was a great opportunity to see first-hand the devastating impact of nuisance calls on vulnerable people.

“I would encourage anyone struggling with criminal or scam calls to get in touch with VCAS on 0303 040 1099 to see if you could benefit from a call blocker.”

VCAS worker Colleen Simms, Sylvia Turner and Police and Crime Commissioner Barry Coppinger


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