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A new interactive course comes to the UK...

Posted : 23/04/2013

Lions Quest have been operating for over 25 years and delivers Skills for Adolescence in over 72 countries, have engaged over 12 million young people, trained ½ million Skills for Adolescence trainers and translated the curriculum into 35 languages. 

Ambition - supported by the UK lottery under the Catch22 led Realising Ambition programme - brought the Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence programme to the UK in 2012, and are leading national delivery of the programme working with local Ambition member organisations.  

Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence is a personal and social development programme for young people aged 8-14 years old. It helps young people to make informed decisions, become an active member of the community, resist peer pressure and develop positive personal relationships.  It also encourages young people to resist drug and alcohol usage.

Skills for Adolescence is usually taught in schools, but the UK programme will run in a mixture of clubs, projects and schools.  It’s a very structured programme, with its own curriculum, lesson plans and supporting documents.

There have been some very positive reports and evaluations worldwide.  Schools and trainers have closely monitored the impact of the programme and have witnessed a 72% decline in in-school detentions, a 38% decrease in bullying of boys vs girls, a 35% decrease of bullying of girls vs girls, lower levels of school drop-out, 15% increase of school attainment. After completing the program, 63% of the Skills for Adolescence students disapproved of peers who used drugs compared to 55% of students not enrolled in the program.  Students showed significantly higher perception of the harm to their health caused by alcohol and other drugs. The programme was praised in the government’s Allen Review as a model of good practice.

As an Ambition Full Member; Safe in Tees Valley are bringing Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence to the Tees Valley.  2013 pilot programmes are scheduled to start in:

Archibald Primary School (Year 5)

Acklam Grange School (Year 7)

Acklam Green  Centre (Integrated Youth Support Service, young people aged 10-14 years)


Would like Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence delivered in your school, youth centre or project? Please contact or to find out more, or telephone 0845 271 3883 and ask for Jamie or Lorraine.

Safe in Tees Valley are offering an opportunity for staff members from schools and youth organisations to deliver Skills for Adolescence. Please contact or  to find out more, or telephone 0845 271 3883 and ask for Jamie or Lorraine.

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